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POM/PA/PVDF/ABS cold push plate and bar production lines


Eigenschaften der Produktionslinie

1. the production line adopts combined design, with compact structure and convenient opera- tion. Different combinations can be selected according to different raw materials.

2. the screw barrel is made of alloy steel, which is corrosion-resistant, does not fall off, and has high strength to ensure product quality.

3. the stress relief device adopts a brand-new structure, which is convenient for online adjust- ment of center height and process temperature.

4. the tractor can be specially designed according to the requirements of customers.

5. the cutting machine adopts special saw blade motor, specially designed program and customized saw blade, which makes cutting more worry free.

6. die vollständige Maschine nimmt Siemens PLC- und Touchscreen-Verbindung an, die fernbedient und überwacht werden können.

7. it has strong versatility. It can meet the production of plates and bars in the same production line by changing the mold.It reduces the input cost of equipment.

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Die wichtigsten technischen Parameter

ModellJWS45 / 28JWS50 / 28JWS55 / 28JWS65 / 28
Drehzahl des Hauptmotors10-50r / min10-50r / min10-60r / min10-60r / min
Kapazität (max.)15KG / H25KG / H35KG / H50KG / H