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TPU / ABS-Laminatplatten-Extrusionslinie


TPU/ABS composit plate is one new kind of enviroment friendly material used for car gauge panel and inner decoration. It adopts multi manifold procee to make TPU coat on ABS instead of glue coating so that the finished product does not release formalde- hyde or creat inner air pollution. Plate thickness from 1mm to 8mm, width from 1200mm to 2000mm.

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Die wichtigste technische Parameter

ModellJWS 130/38+JWS 90/38-2400JWS 120/38+JWS 80/38-1800
Produktbreite2400 mm1800 mm
Produkte Dicke1.5-10mm1.5-10mm
Kapazität (max.)700-800 kg / h

500-600 kg / h